If you have studied up to Class 12 and want to do a job full of courage, thrill and adventure in life, then contact ‘Aadharshila Institute of Fire and Safety’ today and join the fire and safety course by paying a very reasonable fee.
We all know that knowledge is a path that leads our lives more clearly towards goal attainment and makes one skilled. The skills through which a person achieves success in business.

At The Aadharshila Institute, students are given adequate and penetrating knowledge on fire and other accidents instead of just imparting information or superficial education. Due to which the students of Aadharshila Institute get expertise in firefighting and rescue operations. Due to which the opportunities for them to get employment in this sector are very bright.

Students studying at The Aadharshila Institute perform duties with good salaries in places like municipal corporations, municipalities, GIFT City, Pandit Deendayal College, private industry house. As per the NCRB’s ADSI Reports, here are some basic numbers of statics of fire incidents. Obviously, the incidents are decreased but it is only because of our brave Fire Fighters and rescuers.